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Following severe hardships, an ancient mariner said to his men: “Farsan et haes olim memmenisse juvabit” which loosely translated means -- Perhaps some day it will be pleasant to look back on these things. Cruising around the world and sightseeing so many different ports, on the ANDY we didn’t really suffer too many hardships. Still, like the tall tales told at reunions, our cruises are memorable experiences and great to reflect upon.

The first mini-voyage of the Cruise Ship Anderson was traveling down the launch skids at Kearney, NJ on may 2, 1943 following a champagne blow to the bow delivered by Mrs. George C. Marshall.

The ship was acquired by the Navy on August 25. She was partially commissioned the same day so that she could be quickly delivered to the Maryland Drydock Co. for fitting as a transport vessel and for acquiring armament.

Cruise # 00. This is the mystery, pre-shakedown cruise that hardly anyone knows about. Well, two old black gang, Chief Water Tender buddies know: John Spaay and Bert Bishop. John has passed away, but Bert is a member of the ANDY Association.

Bert relates that there was temporary “skeleton” transport crew, a few Armed Guard gunners, and 80 rounds of ammunition on board as she made the coastwise trip from Kearney to Baltimore. With the exception of John and Bert, the skeleton crew left like rats -- little did they know the great experiences they would be missing!

Cruise # 0 was the shakedown. All Aboard! On Oct 5, 1943, the new crew of plank sailors descended on the ANDY, arriving from their wait at the Philadelphia Navy Yard. This is the date the USS General A. E. Anderson AP111 is placed in full commission. One month and 19 days later this virgin crew had whipped the ship into a reasonable, if not spectacular, fighting unit.

Cruises 1-5

Cruise # 1
25 November 1943 - 15 December 1943. 7,355 miles.
Newport News, VA – Casablanca – Newport News

Most memorable was the big storm during the return trip. Hurricane winds of 100 mph+ spun the anemometer off like a helicopter. Only the barometer was lower than the spirits of the crew.

Cruise # 2
24 December 1943 – 12 January 1944. 7,355 miles.
Newport News – Casablanca – Newport News

Packed in another load of soldiers and sailed on Christmas Eve! What a bummer! Soldiers did not complain as it was the best Christmas dinner they had ever had in the “army”. (Those that weren’t seasick that is.)

Cruise # 3
22 January 1944 – 13 February 1944. 8,240 miles.
Newport News – Oran, Algeria – Newport News

Passed through Gibraltar in the dark escorted by two British destroyers. The Army needed a lot of troops for the invasion of Italy.

Cruise # 4
28 February 1944 – 21 March 1944. 8,240 miles.
Newport News – Oran, Algeria – Newport News

We’re on a merry-go-round.

Cruise # 5
March 26 1944 – 7 May 1944. 10,640 miles.
Newport News – Oran & Mers-el-Kabir – Gourock, Greenock and Glascow, Scotland – Hamilton, Bermuda – New York City

Boarded the fighting veteran British Eighth Army troopers for transport to England. Also several labor battalions of Italian prisoners-of-war. Took a side trip to Bermuda to pick up 1,000 British censors and their families.

Cruises 6-10

Cruise # 6
May 12 1944 – 25 June 1944. 7,320 miles.
NYC – Belfast, Ireland – Bristol & Avonmouth, England – Gourock, Scotland – NYC – Norfolk, VA

Joined a huge convoy. Ships stretched fore and aft as far as the eye could see. The “Mighty A” was leader of column nine. Plenty of alarms, rain, fog and GQ’s. Binocular liberty in Belfast. Some of us got to carry the garbage ashore in Bristol. Troops were needed for the invasion of Europe and news of D-Day came during our return trip to NYC.

Cruise # 7
29 June 1944 – 11 September 1944. 29,848 miles.
Norfolk –Colon, Cristobal & Panama City, Canal Zone – Wellington, New Zealand – Melbourne, Australia – Bombay – San Pedro, CA

We evaded a reported submarine, but a tanker 15 miles away was torpedoed. Passed through the Panama Canal. July 8 we crossed the equator and a lot of pollywogs became shellbacks. Navigated Cook Straits going between the big islands of New Zealand and entered the Tasman Sea.

July 22, arrived in Melbourne, Australia. Talk about a Liberty town! This was every sailor’s dream! Destination port was Bombay and it was not a dream port. Returned to the states with a mixed bag of Hindu men and women, Chinese air cadets, missionaries, WACS, Red Cross and Army personnel. Added Australian war brides in Melbourne and completed a 79-day trip in San Pedro.

Cruise # 8
26 September 1944 – 9 December 1944. 26,543 miles.
San Pedro – Melbourne – Bombay – Melbourne – Brisbane – Noumea, New Caldonia – Espiritu Santo, New Hebrdies – San Diego – San Pedro

Our Dr. Tucker took a harrowing ride in a Bos’n Chair on a line stretched over choppy seas to render emergency medical aid to a stricken gunner aboard the USS Fairbanks. They both returned to the ANDY and a life-saving operation was preformed. Bombay again and great liberties in Melbourne, coming and going. Did a bit of island hopping and returned to the states with another mixed bag of passengers.

Cruise # 9
22 December 1944 - 9 March 1945. 16,556 miles.
San Diego – San Francisco – Hollandia & Finshaven – Leyte – San Francisco.

Click here for the story about the return of the first liberated POW’s from the Bataan Death March.

Cruise # 10
7 April 1945 – 22 July 1945. 29,261 miles.
San Francisco – Finshaven – Hollandia – Leyte – Manila – Townswille, Australia – Biak – Morotai – Manila Eniwetok Atoll – Marshall Islands Panama Canal – Newport News

Left Frisco on the 7th, 8th 10th and the 11th. Two false starts due to cracks in the steam lines and the third was because someone was supposed to have gone overboard. Reached Manila by way of New Guinea. There were 129 wrecked Japanese ships in the harbor! May 7, Germany surrendered unconditionally. Led a convoy to Leyte then steamed to Townsville, Australia via the Great Barrier Reef and loaded 5,000 Aussie soldiers. Small town, but a fantastic liberty port!

Dropped the Aussies and all their gear off on a small island called Morotai. Did not envy those tall, lean soldiers as their mission was to eliminate the Japs from Borneo. Returned to Manila and Leyte and received the news that we were heading back to the East Coast. Loaded a lot of patients and veterans ready for discharge from the service. Fueled from a tanker at Eniwetok Atoll where we buried one of our passengers and headed for Panama Canal and 46 bags of mail, the first in two months. Ended this cruise where it had started a year earlier, in Newport News, Virginia.

Cruises 11-15

Cruise # 11
8 August - 28 August 1945. 8,056 miles.
Newport News – Marseilles, France – Avonmouth, England – N. Y. C

Traveled empty to Marseilles to pick up returning troops. Now that we are in the Atlantic Theater, the war in the Pacific ended. Quick turn around to a Victory Ball in New York.

Cruise # 12
4 September - 21 September 1945. 6,501 miles.
Another short, quick trip to LeHavre, France to bring home more of the victorious Army GI’s.

Cruise # 13
29 September - 9 November 1945. 16,200 miles.
N Y C – Gibralter – Port Said, Egypt – Suez Canal – Red Sea – Indian Ocean – Karachi, India and back via same route.

Off to see some new countries and ports. Travel through Suez and the Red Sea was very picturesque and we saw all types of vessels from sailing dowhs to merchantmen to fighting ships. Liberty in Port Said and Karachi were not outstanding, but memorable and interesting.

Cruise # 14
23 November - 11 December 1945. 6,500 miles.
N Y C - LeHavre – Boston, MA

Another quick milk run to bring back the GI’s who had accumulated sufficient points under the rotation plan.

Cruise # 15
17 December 1945 - 5 January 1946. 6,500 miles.
Boston – LeHavre – N Y C

“Celebrated” Christmas Eve in LeHavre. It is still blacked out. The French are not too happy with Americans. Seems that when it was overcast in Germany, the bombers had no target so rather than land with a full load in England, they dropped those bombs on LeHavre. “Celebrated” New Years Eve at sea -- Whoopie!

Cruises 16-20

Cruise # 16
30 January - 19 February 1946. 7,149 miles.
N Y C – Southampton, England – N Y C

Cruise # 17
25 February - 16 March 1946. 6,505 miles.
N Y C – LeHavre – N Y C

Most of the original crew of the ANDY joined the Navy in the middle of 1943. At this point in time they had accumulated enough points to qualify for discharge and to leave the ship in younger hands.

Cruise # 18
26 March - 16 April 1946. 6,800 miles.
N Y C – LeHavre – Boston

Having transited the Atlantic 28 times, the Pacific 8 times, the Indian Ocean 6 times, the Suez and Panama Canals twice, the ANDY was drydocked in Boston for repairs and alterations by Bethlehem Steel Co.

Cruise # 19
3 July - 24 July 1946 . 6,797 miles.
Boston – Panama Canal – San Francisco

Cruise # 20
3 August - 18 September 1946.
San Francisco – Pearl Harbor – Okinawa – Yokosuka, Japan – Shanghai & Tsingtao & Taku, China – San Deigo – San Francisco

Cruises 21-25

Cruise # 21
1 October - 4 December 1946. 17,447 miles.
San Francisco – San Diego – Pearl Harbor – Yokosuka, Japan – Shanghai & Tsingtao & Taku, China – Okinawa – Subic Bay to Manila to Samar, PI – Guam – Pearl Harbor – San Francisco

Cruise # 22
17 December 1946 - 22 January 1947. 13,050 miles.
San Francisco – Guam – Samar – Manila – San Francisco

Cruise # 23
4 February - 11 March 1947. 10,818 miles.
San Francisco – Pearl Harbor – Guam – Pearl Harbor – San Francisco

Cruise # 24
20 March - 29 April 1947. 10,818 miles.
Same as Cruise #23

Cruise # 25
20 May - 3 June 1947. 4,182 miles.
San Francisco – Pearl Harbor – San Francisco

Cruises 26-30

Cruise # 26
13 June - 6 August 1947. 15,149 miles.
San Francisco – Guam – Samar – Manila – Okinawa – Shanghai – Tsingtao – Yokosuka – Pearl Harbor – San Francisco

Cruise # 27
3 September - 17 September 1947. 4,182 miles.
San Francisco – Pearl Harbor – San Francisco

Cruise # 28
1 October - 10 November 1947. 10,818 miles.
Same as cruises #23 and 24

Cruise # 29
2 December - 17 December 1947. 4,182 miles.
Same as cruises # 25 and 27

Cruise # 30
30 December 1947 - 27 March 1948. 696 miles.
San Francisco– San Pedro – San Francisco

Christmas and New Years liberties in port and, in the United States! The ANDY is undergoing another conversion.

Cruises 30-34

Cruise # 31
2 April - 1 June 1948. 15,763 miles.
San Francisco – Guam – Yokosuka – Shanghai – Subic Bay – Manila – Guam – San Francisco

Cruise # 32
5 June - 17 June 1948. 900 miles.
San Francisco – San Diego – San Francisco

Cruise # 33
24 June - 7 July 1948. 4,128 miles.
Same as cruises # 25, 27 and 29

Cruise # 34
16 July - 18 August 1948. 10,818 miles.
Same as cruises # 23, 24, and 28

5 Nov. - about 27 Dec. 1948 San Francisco - Pearl Harbor - Subic Bay - Manila - Shanghai- Tsingtao - return to San Francisco

From The Log of: Al Grobmeier, ENSIGN

"I was on the Andy from 12 Jan 49 through 28 Aug 50 as an Ensign, MMR, USNR. The following voyage information is from my diaries"

13 JAN 49 departed San Francisco for Pearl Harbor
with troops and cabin passengers, crew of 30 officers and 370 enlisted including 100 stewards.
18 JAN arrived Pearl Harbor after 4 days and 22
hours at sea at 18.6 kts, 93 rpm.
22 JAN departed Pearl Harbor for Guam.
31 JAN arrived Guam
1 FEB departed Guam for Sangley Point, PI via San Bernardino Strait
5 FEB arrived Sangley Point, debarked 12 cabin passengers while at anchor.
After 40 min stop, underway for Subic Bay
5 FEB arrived Subic Bay
7 FEB underway from Subic Bay for Manila. Arvd 11:45
departed 16:15 for Shanghai with 40 cabin passengers and 96 Navy enlisted.
8 FEB diverted from Shanghai to Tsingtao, China
11 FEB arrived Tsingtao. (Later awarded China Service Medal for 11-15 Feb
14 FEB departed Tsingtao for Yokosuka, Japan at 15 kts., 75 rpm
17 FEB arrived Yokosuka and offloaded 71 Navy and 900 USMC passengers
19 FEB departed Yokosuka for Guam
23 FEB arrived Guam and offloaded 38 Philippine Navy, 35 USN and l civilian passengers
24 FEB departed Guam for Pearl Harbor with 235 troop passengers and 159 cabin passengers
3 MAR arrived Pearl Harbor and offloaded 7 cabin
passengers, 21 Navy, l USMC and l civilian passengers
5 MAR departed Pearl Harbor for San Francisco after
embarking 197 cabin passengers for total of 619 troop passengers and approx. 500 cabin passengers.
10 MAR arrived San Francisco and debarked 496 cabin passengers and 619 troop passengers. Shifted to NSC Oakland
5 APR shifted to Fort Mason, San Francisco and embarked 110 troop passengers.
6 APR at Fort Mason, embarked 380 cabin passengers. Departed for Pearl Harbor
11 APR arrived Pearl Harbor and offloaded 32 cabin passengers and 29 troop passengers
13 APR departed Pearl Harbor for Guam aftert embarking 31 Navy passengers
22 APR arrived Guam
27 APR departed Guam for San Diego at 18.6 kts., 93 rpm
10 MAY arrived San Diego and offloaded 230 cabin passengers
11 MAY departed San Diego for San Francisco. Shifted
to NSC Oakland after
unloading passengers
25 MAY departed Oakland for Pearl Harbor
31 MAY arrived Pearl Harbor
3 JUN departed Pearl Harbor for San Francisco
8 JUN arrived San Francisco and offloaded 217 cabin passengers and 193 troop passengers. Shifted to NSC Oakland.
17 JUN departed Oakland for Pearl Harbor. 18.6 kts. 93 rpm
22 JUN arrived Pearl Harbor
25 JUN departed Pearl Harbor for San Francisco with
17 civilian troop passengers and 311 cabin passengers
30 JUN arrived San Francisco, shifted to NSC Oakland after unloading passengers.
8 JUL 49 CAPT Wirtz relieved CAPT Newman as commanding officer.
14 JUL shifted berths from NSC Oakland to Pier 7 North, San Francisco
15 JUL departed San Francisco for Guam with 367 cabin passengers
28 JUL arrived Guam
1 AUG departed Guam for Pearl Harbor
8 AUG arrived Pearl Harbor
10 AUG departed Pearl Harbor for San Francisco
15 AUG arrived San Francisco. Shifted from Pier 7 to NSC Oakland after
offloading passengers.
18 AUG shifted to Pier 7 San Francisco to load 149 cabin and 39 troop
passengers. Departed for Pearl Harbor
23 AUG arrived Pearl Harbor and offloaded all passengers
26 AUG departed Pearl Harbor for San Francisco with cabin passengers
31 AUG arrived San Francisco. Shifted from Pier 7 North to NSC Oakland after offloading passengers.
2 SEP shifted to Explosive Anchorage # 14 San Francisco Bay to offload
ammunition. Entered San Francisco Naval Shipyard, Hunters Point, San Francisco for overhaul.
27 SEP shifted to Drydock 4, SFNS
1 OCT USS GENERAL A.E. ANDERSON transferred from the Naval Transportation Service to the newly established Military Sea Transportation Service (MSTS) along with 8 other APs, 12 AKs and 73 AOs for a total of 94 Navy ships going to MSTS. MSTS Pacific Area headquarters was at 33 Berry St., and the San Francisco waterfront.
14 OCT departed Drydock 4 for Berth 8 SFNS
4 NOV underway for post repair trials at sea. Returned to Berth 8 SFNS
8 NOV underway for explosive anchorage to load ammunition which consisted of:
600 rounds 5in./38 AAC projectiles
100 rounds 5in/38 illuminating projectiles
350 rounds 5in/38 non-flashless powder
350 rounds 5in/38 flashless powder
5 rounds 5in/38 dislodging charges
3360 rounds 40mm HEIT-SD
240 rounds 40mm APT
48 round 40mm BL&T
180 rounds 20mm BL&T
440 rounds 20mm HEI
720 round 20mm HET
2400 12 gfuage shotgun shells
3600 .45 cal. cartridges
60 .45 rounds blank cartridges for line-throwing gun
22,0000 rounds .22cal. cartridges, ball, long rifle
3600 rounds .30 cal cart.
200 rounds. .38 cal cart.
240 primer lock combination MK 15-1
19 replacement and visual samples for 5"/38, 40mm and 20mm
Shifted from explosive anchorag 14 to NSC Oakland
14 NOV departed for San Diego with cabin passengers
15 NOV arrived San Diego
19 NOV departed San Diego for Balboa, Canal Zone with 119 cabin and 84 troop passengers
27 NOV arrived Pier 2, Naval Station Rodman, Canal Zone
30 NOV departed Rodman for canal transit and San Juan, Puerto Rico
3 DEC arrived San Juan, PR, Pier 2 U.S. Naval Station, San Juan.
6 DEC departed San Juan for Guantanamo Bay, Cuba after embarking cabin
8 DEC arrived U.S. Naval Station, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
9 DEC departed Guantanamo Bay for Norfolk, VA
12 DEC arrived U.S. Naval Base, NSC, Norfolk
20 DEC departed Norfolk for New York City
21 DEC arrived New York City, Pier 26 South, North River
3 JAN 50 departed New York City for Port of Spain, Trinidad
8 JAN arrived U.S. Naval Operating Base, Trinidad, BWI
10 JAN departed Trinidad for San Juan, PR after loading cabin passengers
12 JAN arrived Pier 2, U.S. Naval Station, San Juan, Puerto Rico
14 JAN departed San Juan for Norfolk, VA. Loaded 139 cabin and 37 troop passengers
17 JAN arrived Pier 4 North, U.S. Naval Base, NSC, Norfolk, VA. Passed battleship USS MISSOURI (BB 63) aground while entering Norfolk.
18 JAN shifted to Pier 5, Norfolk Naval Shipyard, Portsmouth, VA
28 JAN shifted to Pier 4, U.S. Naval Base, NSC, Norfolk, VA
31 JAN departed Norfolk for Coco Solo, Canal Zone 5 FEB arrived Pier 1, U.S. Naval Operating Base, Coco Solo, Canal Zone. Rear Admiral A.J. Wellings, Vice Commander, MSTS aboard for visit.
8 FEB departed Coco Solo for San Juan, PR after loading cabin passengers
11 FEB arrived Tender Pier, U.S. Naval Station, San Juan, PR. Departed San Juan for Norfolk, VA
13 FEB 1000-1600 conducted full-power run at 20.6 knots, 103 rpm on both shafts
14 FEB arrived Pier 3, NSC, Norfolk, VA after near collision with USS MINDORO (CVE 120) which was anchored in channel due to heavy fog.
20 FEB departed Norfolk for New York City
21 FEB arrived Pier 26 North, North River, New York City
24 FEB departed New York City for Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. 18.6 knots, 93 rpm
27 FEB arrived Pier B, U.S. Naval Station, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Loaded 130 cabin and 50 troop passengers and departed Guantanamo Bay for Balboa, Canal Zone
1 MAR transited Panama Canal and arrived Pier l, U.S. Naval Station Balboa, CZ, at Rodman, CZ
3 MAR departed Rodman, CZ for San Diego. 15 knots, 75 rpm 10 MAR arrived North Navy Pier, San Diego
12 MAR departed San Diego for San Francisco
13 MAR arrived Pier 7 South, San Francisco and off loaded passengers. Shifted to Pier 4, NSC, Oakland
19 MAR departed San Francisco for San Diego
20 MAR arrived North Navy Pier, San Diego. Underwent Training Readiness Inspection
21 MAR Commenced Underway Training. Shifted to Anchorage 211, Coronado Roads 30 MAR shifted from Anchorage 211 to South Navy Pier, San Diego 1 APR departed San Diego for Oakland
2 APR arrived Oakland 5 APR shifted to Mare Island Naval Shipyard, Berth 22 N for shipyard availability
19 APR underway for post repair trials. Conducted full-power run at 20.4 knots, 103 rpm. Returned to MINSY
24 APR underway for sea trials and full-power run. Arrived Pier 4, NSC Oakland on completion of trials.
26 APR shifted to Pier 7S, San Francisco. Loaded 357 cabin and 600 troop passengers. Departed for Pearl Harbor
28 APR en route SF to PH, sighted horn-type mine which was sunk by rifle fire at 32-37N 137-31W 1 MAY arrived Berth K8, NSC Pearl Harbor
4 MAY departed Pearl Harbor for Guam 13 MAY arrived Berth X-ray, NSC, Apra Harbor, Guam
16 MAY departed Guam for Subic Bay, PI via San Bernardino Strait on
19 May and Sangley Point.
20 MAY arrived Anchorage 5, Sangley Pt., PI to off load passengers. Departed for Subic Bay. Arrived Alava Dock, U.S. Naval Station, Subic Bay, PI
23 MAY departed Subic Bay for Sangley Pt. Anchored off Sangley Pt. in Anchorage 5.
25 MAY departed Sangley Point for Guam via San Bernardino Strait on 26 May
29 MAY arrived Berth Zebra, NAVSTA Guam
1 JUN departed Guam for Pearl Harbor after embarking 411 cabin passengers
8 JUN arrived Berth K-8, NSC Pearl Harbor
10 JUN departed Pearl Harbor for San Francisco
15 JUN arrived Pier 7 North, San Francisco. Disembarked passengers; shifted to Pier 4, NSC Oakland
20 JUN Captain W.E. Lankenau relieved Capt. P.C. Wirtz as commanding officer
22 JUN shifted to Pier 7 South, San Francisco
24 JUN departed San Francisco for Pearl Harbor
25 JUN North Korea invaded South Korea commencing Korean War
29 JUN arrived Berth K-8 NSC Pearl Harbor 1 JUL departed Pearl Harbor for San Francisco
6 JUL arrived Pier 7 South, San Francisco to disembark passengers. Shifted to Pier 4, NSC Oakland
7 JUL shifted toExplosive Anchorage 13, San Francisco Bay, to offload and load ammunition.
8 JUL departed San Francisco Bay for San Diego
9 JUL arrived South Navy Pier, NSC San Diego
10 JUL departed San Diego for Long Beach. Arrived Pier 6 NAVSTA Long Beach. Loaded Marines and equipment of Marine Air Group 33
14 JUL departed Long Beach for WESTPAC in accordance with CTG 53.7 Movement Order 1-50 in company with USS ACHERNAR (AKA 53) as TU 53.7.2 with CTU aboard this ship. Joined up with TG 53.7 consisting of USS GEORGE CLYMER, USS ALSHAIN, USS BADOENG STRAIT, USS ACHERNAR, USS WHITESIDE, USS BASS.
15 JUL steaming in formation in Station 8. CTG 53.7 in GEORGE CLYMER. USS PICKAWAY joined formation. 2000 position 34-39N 125-02W
16 JUL 1200 position 35-42N 128-55W 17 JUL 1200 position 38-02N 135-37.5W
18 JUL 1200 position 40-01 N 142-20W 19 JUL 1200 position 41-00N 149-44W
20 JUL 1200 position 40-52N 157-33W 21 JUL 1200 position 40-53N 164-53W
22 JUL 1200 position 40-18N 172-16W 23 JUL 1200 position 38-58N 179-56E. Ship darkened 24 JUL this date omitted due to crossing International Date Line
25 JUL 1200 position 37-36N 173-21E. Ship darkened. Test fired all guns: 20 mm 801 rounds, 40 mm 144 rounds, 5"/38 12 rounds. USS FORT MARION and USS GUNSTON HALL joined formation. Ship darkened.
26 JUL en route Kobe, Japan. COMDESDIV 72 with DDs 836, 838 and DDRs 832, 833 joined as screen. 1200 position 36-02N 167-57E. Ship darkened. 27 JUL 1200 position 35-42N 162-17E. Ship darkened 28 JUL 1200 position 35-13N 156-27.5E. Ship darkened. GUNSTON HALL and DDR 833 departed formation. 29 JUL 1200 position 34-46N 149-59E. Departed from TG 53.7 in company with ACHERNAR and BADOENG STRAIT. OTC and guide in this ship. Ship darkened.
30 JUL 1200 position 33-50N 142-39E. Ship darkened. 31 JUL 1200 position 33-20N 135-34E. Arrived Kobe, Japan, Pier 5, Berth U-V. Commenced offloading.
5 AUG departed Kobe, Japan for Yokosuka, Japan. Ship darkened. 19.6 knots, 95 rpm. 18.5 kts. 90 rpm 6 AUG arrived Piedmont Pier, U.S. Fleet Activities, Yokosuka, Japan
7 AUG shifted to Anchorage E2, Yokosuka, Japan
13 AUG departed Yokosuka for Oakland with no passengers and no cargo
14 AUG fired all guns: 17 rounds 5"/38, 370 rounds 40mm, 660 rounds. 20mm
23 AUG arrived Berth H, NSC Oakland.

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